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Mister Owain Daniel Jones
Many-Stack Research Software Engineer
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I am currently a Software Engineer with the Marine Autonomous Robotics Group at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. My major interest is in robots for science and robots for search and rescue - especially flying ones. My pipe-dream is to work on Cool Robot Stuff such that the robots have greater autonomy, making smarter decisions by themselves, reducing the amount of work that their human operators and colleagues have to put in. Currently, I am working with Underwater Glider robotics platforms, and part of the "Oceanids C²" project. I am also a member of the UK Society of Research Software Engineering, with the aim of transitioning to a more diverse RSE role in future.

Outside of work I volunteer as a first aider for St John Ambulance, with a budding interest in permaculture ("I occasionally plant seeds in an allotment"). I like bouldering, running, and I love live music.