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Hello World!
Tuesday 19th May, 2020

This blog post marks the slow and gradual consolidation of my life in lockdown. I am very grateful to be the sort of person who is, strangely, thriving given our circumstances. I am exuding airs of effortless middle-class-ness, with my perenially clean flat, endless video-calls and sourdough baking.

When I first moved to Southampton five years ago, homesteading wasn't on my mind. Fresh out of university, I had yet to really comprehend living independently in one place for more than a year. Subsequently, as my weekends piled up with fun things with friends in other cities, I let my flat pile up with garbage, junk and trash.

Only through the constance of working from home and weekends alone have I, at last, felt some semblance of ``real adulthood''. Things are neatly organised. Food cupboards are stocked. Laundry is neatly folded. Books are read. Wine is not merely consumed, but collected.

The most silver of all the linings of this bastard situation We The Planet find ourselves in currently though -- is that I am discovering how little I actually need.

On a technical segue -- this is precisely why this blog now exists. I have moved my homepage from a $5/month DigitalOcean Droplet to an old Raspberry Pi 2 I found in a box, and I'm Outsourcing all the hard stuff to CloudFlare. I'm following Fabien Sandglard's 0x10 rules. Any content generation is done with a couple of short bash scripts.

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