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Owain's Blog - 12 Days of ADHD 5: How Did I Get Here?

12 Days of ADHD 5: How Did I Get Here?
Thursday 21st October, 2021

October is ADHD Awareness Month. I've decided that I'm going to use that as a writing prompt, and to set myself a challenge. For the next twelve days, I'm going to write something about my experiences learning about ADHD as a very recently diagnosed adult.

First of two questions I've been asked whilst sharing my blog posts:

"How did you go about getting a diagnosis?"

This one is long, I spent a good 3 hours of writing. I guess this is the post where I just share everything. When I started, it was only a couple of headers, and I thought it would take 30 minutes, but... here we are. BUCKLE UP


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